Saturday, January 26, 2019

Naga Kanya stopped by while I was exploring the South Beach Art Deco fair last weekend. 
This indicated it is time for some real magic.

"In Hindu mythology, Nagas are serpentine spirits who reside in the underworld, 
protecting and offering the teachings of the Mother Goddess. They are said to guard 
all esoteric and mystical teachings, offering them only to those who come humbly to receive. 
In turn, they offer protection and gifts to the seeker. Most stories connect Naga Kanya 
with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of good fortune and abundance. Naga Kanya is also said 
to be a companion or ally of Vishnu—unlike the other nagas, who fear being eaten by 
Garuda, Vishnu’s mythical bird mount. In the Buddhist traditions, Naga Kanya is 
regarded as a Tantric goddess and protector of Dharma."

Since Naga Kanya came to visit I started a Manifestation Ritual. This is in addition to my 
daily Vocal Energy Activation practice which intensifies my appreciation of what is 
supporting me and helps me become aware of where I need to balance. My ability to elevate 
to joy frequency has been expanded greatly by this auspicious blessing. I am more in flow 
with my e-motions and able to send any fear that arises packing with much more ease.

Pay attention to whatever symbols of good fortune are included in your belief system. 
This is a time of great creativity and elevation if you are open to the energy. 

To have support finding and creating your own magic join us for The Brainshift 30 Day Course
and Dolphin Bliss Retreat in April 2019.

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Blessings of abundant health, wealth, love, contentment and joy to all

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