Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Karma Yoga--why would a yogi resist?

Today at the graduation ceremony for Vedanta and Silence, Swami Sita commented on the test we took in terms of getting it or missing the point. We all passed and she felt we did some deep work but in certain areas we all missed some vital points regarding Advaita Vedanta.

For me that point was the realization of the necessity of karma yoga to be firmly grounded on the yogi path in order to become devoted to Atman or the True Self. In order to progress and thus end the unending wheel of suffering.

Many yogis miss this. In fact I may have only met one or two who truly get it. It is what separates the wheat from the chaff and it is a cornerstone of yoga practice and training at Sivananda centers.

Karma yoga and all spiritual practice is first and foremost about one thing: self-surrender, or surrender of the individual ego for the good of all. Think Star Trek at the end when Spock dies:
the good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one

Based on Swamiji's comments to me and upon reflecting on my resistance, I have made some personal observations about me and surrender.

What I most do not want to surrender:

Time--more than personal space, money and being in control, this is the big one

Unwilling to trust in other people-- this is really big for me and I realize now just how I have constructed a life of independence to not have to depend on any one other than myself as much as possible--this must be karmic because I have had a 

Feeling of working all the time my whole life-- it is a deep inner feeling that I was born doing karma yoga because my parents were so sick and suffering that when I was a child they needed and possibly received more care than I

It is very possible my view of my past is faulty, as I am still much in ignorance about the Self and Truth. But now, at least I have a very good path, and a very good teacher.

Om shanti

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