Thursday, February 16, 2012

What makes a yogi, a yogi? On going blog entries in February 2012

As I live here in this Yoga Retreat Center/Ashram my mind will have the opportunity to keep adding, retracting, reviewing, accepting and revising "What makes a yogi, a yogi" in a series of impressions expressed through essay, video, photography, questions and stories.

16 February 2012       A yogi is someone who lives a yoga lifestyle.

 What is that you ask? A certain attitude.

Many in the West think of exercise and strange postures when they think of yoga. A few understand that it is also about the mind, through different approaches to meditation. Some know that along with daily meditation, there is also prayer often in the form of chanting, or what is called "kirtan".Very few know that it is a complete system of living.

17 February 2012      Music can be a yogic practice.

There is an Classical Indian music festival at the center right now. There was an exquisite concert by G. S. Sachdev, a master on the Bansuri flute. During the one hour first number (one hour of continuous bliss!) I dipped into a gentle meditative state. The approach was slow in the same way that I enter the Caribbean sea here. I felt the energy open and flow in three different chakras (energy centers in the body): the 2nd chakra, the heart chakra and the chakra that is called the Third Eye. Transcendance is what makes a yogi, a yogi.

18 February 2012       Yogis live in the spaces among heart connections.

Sachdev and I met right after he first arrived. When he found out that I was a singer who was interested in Indian Classical Music, he told me about the classical Hindustani vocalist, Sanhita Nandi, who was to be coming soon. I told him though I had worked with one teacher, I was not available to work one on one with her. Sachdev offered to contact Sanhita and to introduce us.

Sanhita and I connected in the space of a beautiful lesson last night. We met. We sang. I learned much. Magical connections, from one heart to another, make a yogi, a yogi.

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