Monday, February 27, 2012

Tent Living in an Ashram: Cravings Revealed

One month here in the Bahamas living in a tent in order to daily meditate, chant, practicing yoga asana and karma yoga. These are all things that living in New York City I did not find the time to do daily--and I craved to do so.

I have begun to notice what else there is that I crave, for some other kinds of perceived comfort:

solid walls that do not move in the wind and when it is raining
personal sonic space to fill or to leave empty of sound
coffee and my own personal mug
animal protein at least once a week
my baby Bebe feline
my own private bath, a few steps from my own bed

Ashram food:  lots of brown rice and broccoli
Coffee latte's with art by Coley from Blue Marble in Brooklyn
 Sivayatri all night ceremony and chanting in the Temple
 My baby Bebe back in Brooklyn
 Sanhita Nandi and me, the next day after our raag lesson
My living room with four solid walls
 My front yard without four walls
 My garden magnolia tree planted Spring 2009
 Manhattan at night after satsang with Adyashanti at Town Hall
 Sivayatri Ceremony on February 20, 2012
View from a hammock at Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center, Paradise Island, Bahamas

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