Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Becoming a karma yogi Part 1

February 1, 2012           5:15 AM--I awake.

As I walk in the dark on the path to the bathrooms, my consciousness is somewhere between Delta and Theta. I spontaneously create my day by auto suggestion to have a day of joy and compassion. I imagine greeting and meeting the new people that the day holds for me, and to serve with a gentle presence. I think how every day we are serving others, whether we realize it or not. Today is to be my first day as a Karma Yogi.

Morning Satsang is lightly attended as most of the Yoga Teacher Training students have departed since graduation yesterday. I sit near the West entrance against the wall to have something to lean on in case I need the support during the meditation. There is a clear sight line to the altar filled with icons of Hindu deities and photos of Sivananda and Vishnudevananda. The lecture is on Vedic Astrology also called Joytish.

At the end of satsang, there is a reminder by the Swami who is the manager of the ashram and retreat center that there will be a staff meeting (as every morning) in 5 minutes.

At the meeting I sit up front. The Swami smiles at me, saying good morning and asking me my name  quietly. At the beginning I am introduced as a new karma yogi and all applauded to welcome me. He privately asks me to stay behind.

I patiently wait at the end of the meeting for his eyes to meet mine and am told to set up an appointment with Nairani. I replied that I already had an appointment scheduled. He questions as to when, and then smiles. I smile my goodbye, and without thinking about it, bring my hands to my heart in a prayer pose and gently bow my head. He returns the gesture.

It turns out I did not start my karma yoga today. Since I could not move into my new tent home until the space was free on February 3rd, it was decided that I wait until then. So I have two more days of yoga vacation to hang out on the beach and converse with my roommates: a 17 year old young woman and her mom who is taking the Advanced Teacher Training Course. They are from the South and we connected immediately over many things. I even gave the daughter her very first voice lesson while they were here. She has some talent!

Another day of vacation with beach sunning time and conversation. Feeling very tired, I skip the evening satsang.

February 2               Last night in the dorm room

I had the 4 bed dorm room to myself. Ah. I do like empty space and silence. Will be very interesting to see how this only child fairs living in a tent in a community of 100 other people and learning to serve others as well as take care of myself  … I skipped the 6 AM morning satsang, catching up on much needed sleep and resting in the morning.

February 3, 2012        5:15 I awake  6 AM Satsang

In preparation to move into my tent I leave satsang during the lecture and check in with the current occupants of what is to be my new real estate. This is also my first day of Karma Yoga. I go to the reception area and let them know that I have not studied the brochure and web site and do not feel sufficiently ready to answer the phones. I am told that someone else will be consulted to decide what my "karma" ie job, will be.

I meander about until I see the Swami who is to decide my fate. He calls me over and explains I will be in the Boutique and he takes me to meet my new supervisor, one of the senior woman teachers at the Ashram.

It is decided that I will be working in the back office, being trained to create purchase orders and receive supplies for the Boutique. I am learning how to use Quickbooks as part of working with the inventory. My accountant told me to learn to use quickbooks. Funny how things happen.

The days are long as a Karma Yogi.

February 4 2012            10 PM I am in my tent and ready for bed.

Febuary 5 2012              4:53 AM I awake. 5:15 Pranayama. 6:00 Satsang in the Temple

Sometime earlier in the night I awoke with a great need to pee! Being reminded in the satsang lecture about hydration, I took the message and drank a litre of water during the satsang. [When I first arrived, within a day or two I had a consultation with the on staff ayurvedic counselor. We had discussed many things about past present and future related to myself, my birth family and the new Sivananda family with whom I have chosen to become a part.]  I realized while getting dressed that I had left my yoga mat in my yoga bag outside by a tree yesterday. Still dark, I went to look for it and it was not where I left it. I became full of anxiety, questioning why it had been moved. Was it stolen? Put away in a safe place? I spoke with another Karma Yogi who was getting up in the dark. She gave me suggestions of what to do. I did those things and a few more and as of now the mat and bag are still missing.

I am quite upset by the occurrence of the missing bag. I start questioning as to whether or not the people, places and things here are safe and good for me. I also realized that these questions have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, going back to the womb and possibly further. This is called Karma (literally translated as actions) which is connected to samskara, or deep impressions of habit. For more information about the meaning of the these yogic concepts go to:

Or google karma/samskara.

Here is one definition of Karma Yoga that I find very resonate with my understanding so far:

Karma Yoga: To purify or attenuate the Samskaras while one is doing actions in the world is the Yoga known as Karma Yoga. This involves being aware or mindful of our actions and speech, and seeing their sources in emotions and the subtler processes of the mind. Karma Yoga also involves doing our actions in ways, which are of benefit to others (service or seva), freeing ourselves from the cycles of feeding egotism.

Or google karma/samskara.

Eventually, I let go of the attachment to getting the bag back. An hour later the mystery was revealed through some information offered from someone at Brunch when I announced that I was looking for the bag. Within the next 15 minutes, on the way to my karma in the Boutique back office, I find out who has the bag and get it back.

Om shanti

 My roommates in the dorm
 Morning through the palms, across the Beach platform for yoga, to the sea
        Dr Joe Dispenza, the Create Your Day man

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