Monday, January 30, 2012

Bahamian Adventure: Arrival

Bahamian Adventure: Arrival

Though I checked in five days ago for Yoga Vacation I only arrived today. Checking in is an interesting travel phrase. Checking in is not arriving fully. It's just checking in-- a precursory event, a pick up note before the first down beat, not the whole song  or even a verse.

What brought me to my subsequent arrival?  Back to back days of 6 AM meditation and satsang followed by 8 AM yoga on the beach platform. 

I am now in heaven. AKA Paradise Island at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. For me, at least, deeply connecting into my corporeal form is the way I arrive. Yoga asana is my path to have such an experience. 

The experience of arrival includes a sense of coming together with something, in this case my self. Then follows a sense of unity, not only within myself but with all that I perceive around me.

This is Yoga. And for me, this Yoga leads to Bliss.

Today, my fourth contiguous day of morning satsang and yoga asana brought a stillness, a deeper level of unity, peace and relaxation. During Savansana at the end of yoga asana class with Radna (a long time Sivananda practicioner, teacher and devotee, who at 80 years old still rises with complete grace into and out of a head stand, or salamba sirsasana, the King of yoga postures) I entered into bliss. My brain waves must have been hovering somewhere between Alpha and Theta state. When I arose from Corpse pose (as it is lovingly called in English) I continued to feel this deep relaxation in my morning routine of hygiene. As I emerged into the full bahamian sun, surrounded by many others who were in line to get brunch, I felt like I was floating. Or flying. Or just being. In bliss.

Soon I begin my Karma Yoga commitment. Check back again for more …

Om shanti om

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