Saturday, November 14, 2009

Building Community Through Exploring Your Own Voice

"All the world needs now is love sweet love". And harmony sweet harmony.

Through the work we have been doing this fall in the Lavocezensing Women's A Capella Group Workshops, I am beginning to hear the music in a new way. To connect with others deeply we must listen well, and to listen and truly hear we must allow space within ourselves, around our own thoughts and ideas. To feel comfortable enough to do this it helps to first focus on listening to ourselves in a meaningful way. Such inner listening is the territory of musicians but anyone can learn to do this. And exploring the musical qualities of the voice is a great way to develop a greater sensitivity to ourselves and then to others. Whether or not you consider yourself a singer, you can develop the "musical qualities" within your own voice. Such development will bring you more understanding of yourself and has the possibility to expand your expressive abilities with others. What do you think?

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