Friday, September 18, 2009

Lavocezensing: The beginning

is sometimes hard to pinpoint. Maybe when I was 5 and sang a solo in school? Maybe when my mother played recordings of Caruso and Debussy to get me to go to sleep as an infant? I am interested to know the origins of your singing and musical life whether you are a professional singer or a shower singer.

This journey that has been guided and enriched by music and the voice (la voce) as a musical instrument continues for me with the combining of yoga and voice. For all of the years I have been exploring my own voice I have always been fascinated by the breath and how it works in all styles of singing. Now that I have begun to go deeper into a personal yoga practice, the traditional pranayama practices are calling me to look further.

I look forward to finding out more through my own singing, teaching private and group classes as well as through healing work that I am doing. And through what any of you out there might add to this blog!

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